Casket Tag | Robert T. STRAYER

A metal tag about 3 times larger in width as a standard US WWII period identification tag, or ‘Dog Tag”. These were used in case a deceased American soldier buried overseas was repatriated for re-burial in a US civilian cemetery, most likely in the hometown of the deceased. This tag was placed on the casket, and is therefor also known as a Casket Tag.

Robert ‘Bob’ T. Strayer was killed in action on March 24 1945 in Germany. However, prior that mission he spent a lot of time in my country, Holland. He stayed at a Dutch family in Broeksittard, about 50km North of Margraten, where he was buried in grave #299 when still a temporary cemetery. Bob was only 19 years old when he died while serving in the 258th Combat Engineers Battalion.

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