Doing research about the Quartermaster Graves Registration unit is not an easy task, nor cheap. Buying and preserving original artefacts is a job we like doing, but telling the story behind the item is much more rewarding. To keep on doing this I’am always on the look out for new items to add to the permanent collection (Graves Registration Museum). For example, we are currently interesting in finding items like these:

  1. Western Union telegrams sent to next-of-kins from fallen US WWII soldiers.
  2. Burial markers, including the “GRS” marked (dog)tags.
  3. Any paperwork, manuals, maps, unit histories relating to the Graves Registration Service (GRS) or American Graves Registration Command (AGRC).
  4. Any boxes, envelopes that were sent by the Army Effects Bureau to the next-of-kin containing personal effects from the fallen soldier.
  5. US 48-star Burial flags with or without the original cardboard box named to the fallen soldier.

We would be honored if you came into contact with us when you have such items. Please use the contact page to send your message.