Typewriter, Royal Aristocrat, 1941

World War II period U.S. Army marked Typewriter from type Aristocrat, as made by the Royal Typewriter Company in 1941. During World War II hundreds of thousands of typewriters were used by all armies around the world. In the States States, typewriter manufacturing companies produced solely for the government during this time of war.

This example was used and carried by Capt. Delmar L. DYRESON, U.S. Army Chaplain Corps, 3rd Infantry Division, 7th Infantry Regiment. The case is marked with an very early ‘Preperation of Overseas Movement’, or POM for short, letter A with 3 stripes. It is my understanding this was done for the amphibious landings in Italy, either Sicily or Anzio.

Chaplains were often involved with the care of American dead. Graves Registration and Chaplain Corps personnel often worked together and used equipment from either organization.

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