Disposition of World War II Armed Forces Dead (1946)

This is one of two pamphlets sent between 1946-1948 to all next-of-kins who had loved ones buried in temporary American military cemeteries overseas. The second pamhplet is named ‘American Cemeteries’ and was published by the American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC). In this first pamplet, the US War Department gave several options for a permanent burial location. Loved ones of the deceased soldier were given the following choices:

Option 1
The remains be interred in a permanent American military cemetery overseas.

Option 2
The remains be transferred to the United States, or any pocession or teritory thereof, for interment by the next-of-kin.

Option 3
The remains be shipped within, or returned to a foreign country, the homeland of the deceased or next-of-kin, for interment by next-of-kin in a private cemetery.

Option 4
The remains be returned to the United States for final interment in a national cemetery.

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